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Frequency Inverter Production To Discuss Issues Related To
Jun 29, 2016

First, we want to say is the drive manufacturer, frequency control what is on the application. He said simply, it is applied to all of the required speed of rotating machinery, such as the common fan and water pump. So which ones to use this feature have benefits?

This is, by contrast, before the traditional governor DC, but DC converter but has these disadvantages:

1. DC motor speed control not only the structure is more complex, it is important, in the long run, its maintenance cost will be higher.

2. In addition, due to the presence of the commutator, thus the DC motor in power, there is no longer much of the upside.

So for the inverter, inverter manufacturer, summed up the following several major benefits.

1. AC motor allows to obtain much higher than the DC drive superior speed performance.

2. The more simple and more convenient in maintenance.

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