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Universal Converter Features and Benefits
Jun 29, 2016

General purpose inverter industry products, for the initial contact with the industry, it is difficult to understand what stuff, here on Andy plain language to teach you awareness and understanding of the inverter and their functions.

To learn Variable universal frequency, we must first understand three concepts:

First, what is the change?

It is to change the frequency. Frequency can change the motor speed, frequency conversion can change the brightness of the lamp, the frequency can change the heating effect of the electric furnace. Our power standard is 50 Hz, the frequency inverter arbitrarily changed by the user production and living the desired frequency.

Second, what is the frequency?

That frequency is the frequency, and the frequency change. Frequency is measured in units of Hertz. Like the human heart, said wave frequency. The so-called power frequency is within seconds of power supply unit of time, number of stops. Heart wave frequency is hopping number of stops in the second unit of time.

Third, what is the drive?

It can be used for frequency conversion of electrical appliances. Ambition current production is used to change the grid frequency devices, so called general-purpose inverters.

Universal Converter advantages are as follows:

1, easy installation, commissioning, user-friendly interface.

2, AMB drive performance is superior:

Low frequency torque at 0.5Hz open loop vector state, torque up to 180%.

Fast dynamic response, AMB100, AMB300, AMB600 dynamic response speed of 20ms, ranks among the advanced.

Speed can be controlled in a fine turn of 0.05%.

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