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SOYAN New Product- The Fourth Generation of 3D Printing Pen
Jan 20, 2017

Name: SOYAN 3D Printing Pen Version 4

Color: Black, Blue, Grass green, Pink

Printing Nozzle: 0.6mm

Filaments available: PCL

Dimension: 175*17*20mm

Net Weight: 278g

Voltage: DC5V-2A

Working Temperature: 70~100℃


* Imported ultra-quiet motor.    

* Environment degradable filament No odor

* The maximum temperature of heating is 100℃and the

temperature of the nib is only 40℃. More use-friendly and safe.

* It can be plug-in mobile power.

Package information: 3D printing pen, Pen holder, Adapt USB cable,

 Filament of PCL with 5m length.

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