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Misunderstandings and Countermeasures Drive Installation
Jun 29, 2016

1) fans and pumps are the most common load: the inverter requires the most simple, as long as the inverter capacity is equal to the capacity of the motor (compressor, deep water pumps, sand pumps, rapid changes in the musical fountain need to increase capacity) .

2) class load cranes: These are characterized by the impact load when starting very large, so the drive requires a certain margin. Meanwhile, heavy decentralization elbow, there will be energy feedback, so use the brake unit or the use of common bus mode.

3) Load lines uneven: some load sometimes light, sometimes heavy, heavy load and you should follow to select the drive capacity, such as rolling mill machinery, grinding machines, mixers and the like.

4) high inertia loads: rotary kiln centrifuges, presses, cement plants, such load inertia is large, and therefore may oscillate at startup, when the motor is in regenerative deceleration ...... should be slightly larger capacity drive to accelerate start, to avoid oscillation. With power brake unit to eliminate feedback.

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