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Domestic drive in the drive to defeat the foreign monopoly
Jun 29, 2016

With the localization of production scale and technology matures control engineering Copyright, domestic brands usually have a price advantage, but also to improve the quality of domestic inverter cost significantly increased market demand will become increasingly tends to the domestic market, It will eventually break the monopoly of foreign long-term drive, while domestic manufacturers also will form a set of well-known brands.

Domestic demand will be detonated

Since the inverter with speed control and other functions in the field of energy has some advantages. According to estimates, the use of the drive motor system energy-saving rate is generally up to about 30%, in some situations up to 40% higher to 60% energy saving effect is remarkable.

For example, central air conditioning is required in accordance with the maximum cold (hot) plus the amount of 10% to 20% of the design, the power consumption, energy-saving potential is large. With a drive to the central air conditioning and refrigeration compressors, refrigeration pumps, cooling pumps, cooling tower fans, return air energy-saving devices for speed control, you can avoid too much traffic and too much pressure to ensure the normal and effective operation of CONTROLENGINEERINGChina Copyright , you can save 20% to 50%.

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