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500W 2000W 12V/24V pure sine wave solar inverter with charger
Jun 16, 2018

Product Details


Key Specifications/Special Features:

Pure sine wave off grid solar power 12V 220V inverter
? Adopts New Pure Sine-wave Inverter Topology (THD < 3%)
? High power density with superior reliability and performance
? Advanced DSP Control ,Input/output isolated design
? LED indicators display
? Low power “Power Saving Mode” to conserve energy
? Surge Rating: 2 * Prated
? Capable of driving highly reactive & capacitive loads at start moment

INPUTNominal voltage12Vdc ( *2 for 24Vdc )
Operating range10Vdc ~ 15Vdc
Startup voltage11.75Vdc ~ 14.7Vdc
  Load Level0~29%30~69%70~100%
 Battery alarm levelBattery-high Level11.3Vdc11.2Vdc11.0Vdc
Battery-high Level14.0Vdc13.9Vdc13.7Vdc
 Battery shut-down levelBattery-under Level10.3Vdc10.2Vdc10.0Vdc
Battery-over Level15.0Vdc14.9Vdc14.7Vdc
 Battery recovery levelBattery-under Recovery12.5Vdc
Battery-over Recovery14.0Vdc
OutputOutput WaveformPure sine wave
Output Power600W1000W2000W600W1000W2000W3000W
Surge Rating2*Prated
Nominal Output Voltage110 / 115 / 120Vac220 / 230 / 240Vac
 Output Voltage Regulation± 5%......when input voltage higher than battery-low level 
Output Frequency50/60Hz ± 0.1%
Output Current @ 220/230/240 2.73A / 2.61A

/ 2.50A
4.55A / 4.35A

/ 4.17A
9.10A / 8.70A

/ 8.34A
13.65A / 13.05A

/ 12.51A
PROTECTIONLow voltage alarm10.5DC±0.5V or 21DC±1V
Low voltage shut down10DC±0.5V or 20DC±1V
Short circuitShut off output automatically
Over loadShut off output
Over voltage shut down15.5V or 30.5V
Over thermalShut off output automatically

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