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500W 12V DC to AC Inverter with Built-in Charge Controller
Apr 03, 2018

Product Details


Key Specifications/Special Features:

Quick details
1. External battery: 12V 100Ah-250Ah
2. The built-in controller: 12v/30A
3. Solar panel: 100w-500W/18V
4. Peak power: 500w
5. Conversion efficiency: 90%
6. LCD display
7. 5V 2A USB charging interface, DC 2W-70W, AC max: 500W

1. Built-in solar controller, can charge for battery and convert DC12v to AC 220V
2. Adopt PV-charging control system, it can charge automatically
3. With LCD display
4. Has battery reverse protection
5. Universal socket, suitable for all kinds of plugs
6. Pure sine waveform output
7. Applicable for resistive AC loads
8. Multifunction control system, including automatic PV-charging, high voltage cut-off, low voltage cut-off, short circuit protection, intelligent cooling function, and more
9. Cooler of fan and working status are intellectually controlled by MCU, which mostly prolongs its service life and helps to save the power consumption
10. Gained CE, CTA, ISO, RoHS certificates guaranteed.
11. 26 years' experience in home power supply industry

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