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3kW Hybrid Inverter with MPPT Solar Charger Controller
Mar 13, 2018

Product Details


Key Specifications/Special Features:

Selling points
? Pure sine wave inverter/charger
? High overload ability up to 300% rated power (20 sec)
? Low quiescent current, low power “power saving mode” to conserve energy
? 4-step intelligent battery charging
? Auto gen start function for off grid system with generator as backup power
? MPPT solar charger controller available

Product description
APP series pure sine wave inverter is a combination of an inverter, battery charger and AC auto transfer switch into one complete system with a peak conversion efficiency of 92%. It is packed with unique features and it is one of the most advanced inverter/chargers in the market today. It features power factor corrected, sophisticated multi-stage charging and pure sine wave output with unprecedentedly high surge capability to meet demanding power needs of inductive loads without endangering the equipment.

Main features
? High overload ability up to 300% of rated power (20 sec)
? Low quiescent current, low power “power saving mode” to conserve energy
? 4-step intelligent battery charging, PFC (power factor correction) for charger
? 8 pre set battery type selector plus de-sulphation for totally flat batteries
? Powerful charge rate up to 110A, selectable from 0%-100%
? 10ms typical transfer time between battery and AC, guarantees power continuity
? Smart remote control
? 15s delay before transfer when AC resumes, extra protection for loads when used with generator
? Allows start up and through power with depleted batteries
? 30A/40A through current ability
? Multiple controlled cooling fan
? Extensive protections against various harsh situations
? 13VDC battery recover point, dedicated for renewable energy systems

Primary Competitive Advantages:

  • Distributorships Offered

  • Experienced Staff

  • Green Product

  • Guarantee/Warranty

  • International Approvals

  • Military Specifications

  • Packaging

  • Price

  • Product Features

  • Product Performance

  • Prompt Delivery

  • Quality Approvals

  • Reputation

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