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3KW 5KW Solar battery backup inverters with 100Ah battery
Apr 05, 2018

Product Details


Key Specifications/Special Features:

3KW 5KW Solar battery backup inverters with 100Ah battery

  • Model number: YDSI-3KW-ES

  • Power: 3KW

  • storage battery capacity: 48V/100Ah

  • Off grid efficiency: >98%

  • Off grid efficiency: >93%

  • Euro efficiency: 97.2%

  • MPPT efficiency: >99%

  • Rated Power factor: >0.99%

  • THD: <3%

  • Max. charging current of 50A

  • MPPT wide operating voltage range of 250VDC-450VDC


  • On/off grid integrated

  • With MPPT tracking

  • Integrated RS232/Wi-Fi interfaces, for improved communication

  • LCD screen

  • Smart BMS

  • Multiple-level protection: under-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, over-load protection, overheat protection, islanding protection.

  • Certification: CQC, VDE, SAA, UL

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